Extraction or removal of teeth becomes necessary when they can no longer be restored because of Dental trauma, Tooth Decay or Periodontal disease. Sometimes Wisdom teeth that are impacted also need to be extracted. A Local anesthetic drug is used to ease the pain during the procedure.
This procedure can involve single tooth extraction or multiple teeth extraction. Sometimes Full mouth extractions are also done when the patient is to go in for a Denture placement.
At Partha Dental, the team of Specialist Dental surgeons has perfected the art of painless Teeth removal. They are trained to handle single or multiple Teeth Removal and also handle any complications of tooth extraction. They have been successful in handling thousands of cases of complicated extraction procedures and have established themselves as one of the best teams in this specialty in dentistry.

Types of Tooth Extractions?

There are two different types of tooth Extractions:

First, the dentist removes everything that is inside the root canal.
With the patient under local anesthesia, the dentist makes a small access hole on the surface of the tooth and removes the diseased and dead pulp tissue with very small files.

Simple Extraction

Simple Extraction: A simple tooth extraction is done under local anesthesia. As the name implies, the tooth comes out fairly easy. The tooth is gently elevated out of the jaw bone and a blood clot forms within several minutes.

Surgical Extraction

Surgical Extraction: A surgical extraction is when there is not much visible tooth exposed. This type of extraction is typically preformed under local anesthesia. Sometimes general anesthesia is required. With a Surgical extraction bone and gum is typically removed to expose the tooth for removal.