Before there was refined sugar, teeth problems were practically unknown. After cane sugar and corn sugar became a part of our everyday food – that is, once humans developed a sweet tooth, the real teeth took the brunt of this newly developed taste. The sugar in sweet foods and beverages sticks to the teeth and becomes food for a host of microbes. These microbes secrete acid after feasting on the sugar that eats away the protective tooth coating causing cavities. When left untreated, the cavities deepen and expose the nerves present in the root of the teeth, causing toothache.

The only way to treat this condition is by performing a root canal treatment, other than tooth extraction of course. The treatment, abbreviated as RCT, saves the tooth by removing the soft tissue, disinfecting root canals and then, filling the cavity with an inert material. This procedure obviously involves a fair bit of drilling and prodding. Many people with a toothache dread the prospect of getting this procedure done on because of the many anecdotes about the amount of pain involved.